Vodyssey Reviews – Is Vodyssey a Scam?

investmentVodyssey is an investment program that teaches people how to build and run a short-term rental business. It is an excellent option for real estate investors who want to make passive income. It is not a scam, but it can be expensive and does not offer a refund policy. It was originally called Lifestyle Asset University but has since been rebranded as Vodyssey. It offers a three-step system that helps people achieve financial freedom through vacation rental investments. Check out Vodyssey Reviews to start achieving financial freedom today.

If you’re looking for a passive income stream, you may be considering Vodyssey (formerly known as Lifestyle Asset University). This coaching program teaches people how to invest in short-term rental properties and generate income. Its founder claims that his top students are profiting from these homes to the tune of $5-$10 thousand per month. However, this program is expensive and has a lot of risk. Before you decide to join, consider the cost and your investment goals.

The Vodyssey program offers step-by-step training on how to build a lifestyle asset business. This includes a private social media group and access to a network of realtors, lenders, and specialized CPAs and lawyers. The price of the program is currently $4,800. The fee does not include any specific details about what is included, but it’s likely to include lessons, certain digital tools, and the coaching itself.

While Vodyssey is not a scam, it’s not as easy as the program’s creator makes it sound. There is a lot of work to be done upfront, and the profit margins on real estate investments are small. The program’s price tag of $4,800 is also too high for most people.

In addition to training, Odyssey’s program provides a wealth of resources for its members, including a library of books and videos, and a virtual community of fellow students. In addition, a new member is assigned a mentor, who will help them navigate the process of creating their business. The mentor will also answer any questions the new member might have.

While Vodyssey is not for everyone, it is a good fit for many people. The program is designed for newbies who are eager to start a short-term rental business and make money. It is also suitable for existing owners of short-term rentals who are having trouble staying profitable or scaling their businesses. Moreover, it is a good choice for experienced real estate investors who want to try out or switch to short-term rentals.


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Vodyssey is a real estate program that promises to teach aspiring investors how to make passive income through vacation rentals. The program’s upfront cost and lack of a refund policy make it unfeasible for individuals with low incomes. Nonetheless, its founder is a well-known real estate investor and has a strong reputation for his work.

In this article, we will discuss the value of Vodyssey and its potential to help you become financially independent through short-term rental investments. We will also look at the risks involved in this type of investing and provide some tips on how to avoid making costly mistakes.

Aside from teaching you how to build a lifestyle asset business, Vodyssey will also help you find buyers and sellers through its private Facebook community. It will even provide you with a proprietary software platform that lets you create, manage, and market your rental properties. This way, you can focus on the things that matter most to you.

Vodyssey is the brainchild of a successful real estate investor who has built up his portfolio through the use of vacation rentals. He has a great deal of expertise in the field and is well-known for his “rags to riches” story. He has even written a book about his experiences in the industry.

However, he has been accused of promoting Vodyssey through a pyramid scheme. Many of the complaints against him center on the fact that he doesn’t disclose the full price of the program upfront and has a tendency to sell his course to people with little to no investment experience. This has led to a large number of lawsuits against him.


Vodyssey is a real estate coaching program that teaches aspiring investors how to purchase and manage short-term vacation rentals. Its founder created the strategy to help people achieve financial independence through their vacation rental business. It was formerly known as Lifestyle Asset University but has since undergone a name change to comply with laws in the state that restrict the use of “university” in company names.

The program offers several benefits to its members, including access to a community of short-term rental owners and step-by-step training on the 3D approach. It also provides a network of top realtors and lenders, as well as specialized CPAs and lawyers. In addition, it guides brand building, stepping up social media advertising, and boosting online presence. Its members can also gain access to a proprietary tool that tracks specific customer niches.

While the coaching program is not a scam, it may be too expensive for some investors. It is important to consider the cost of the course and whether it is in line with your investment goals and budget. You should also consider the amount of time and capital you can invest in the business, as well as your risk tolerance.

Unlike many other coaching programs, Vodyssey has a relatively small number of students (around 1.5K in three years), which may contribute to its positive reputation. The smaller number of students may also ensure that each participant receives quality mentorship from the founder. Additionally, the program emphasizes realistic expectations and long-term commitment. These factors contribute to its positive reputation on real estate forums.

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The coaching program is based on the founder’s unique business model, which involves purchasing vacation homes and turning them into short-term rentals. The program has been around for a few years and is available for newbies and existing investors. However, it is not suitable for beginners who are looking to make a quick profit in real estate. The program requires a lot of work upfront and has a small profit margin.


Vodyssey is a real estate investing program that teaches students how to create a lifestyle asset business through short-term rentals. The program also offers mentorship and software to help investors find buyers and sellers. However, many online reviews warn that the program is expensive and may not be suitable for beginners. Moreover, there is no guarantee that participants will become wealthy through the program.

Despite its shortcomings, Vodyssey is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to invest in real estate. Real estate is one of the oldest wealth-building industries and has produced some of the largest fortunes in history. However, you should carefully evaluate your options before making a decision.

Before signing up for the program, consider your investment goals and budget. The Vodyssey training focuses on a narrow niche, which could limit its appeal to some investors. You should also consider your ability to commit significant time and capital to the business, as well as your appetite for short-term rental investments. Lastly, be sure to conduct thorough research and consult with current members of the program.