Take Care of Yourself First

To celebrate International Women’s Day, hosts Gina, Kat, and Krista discuss how and why women should start caring for themselves first.

The girls open the episode with how they define lifestyle and they perceive lifestyle through their careers. Gina shares the story of a woman who savors her 15 minute routine of taking off her makeup. Krista then talks about crystals – from her trivia on how quartz works on electronic frequencies in watches to how best to have kids choose the right crystal for you. Kat imparts her experience with ayurvedic food and how sound helped her heal during a meditation.

They also looked into different brands that are natural, environmentally conscious, and going back to the roots of ancient healing and self-care. They also suggested bathhouses, spas, and places with salt rooms among other facilities promoting natural soothing and healing.

From something as simple as taking care of your skin and treating yourself to good food, to trying out cryotherapy and visiting Russian bathhouses, you could practice self-care the way you want to. And you shouldn’t feel ashamed in doing so. As Gina says, the better you are to yourself, the better yourself can be to the people around you. In whatever form of self-care you enjoy and feel good about, Krista’s only advice is to do it for yourself and not for somebody else.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should take care of yourself first and how it improves the rest of your life

  • The meaning of lifestyle and how it is expressed differently for each person

  • The various natural products and places you can try out for your self-care regimen

  • The basics of Ayurveda, cryotherapy, crystals, essential oils, and sound and how they benefit your body, health, mood, and spirit

  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty when taking care of yourself

Big Takeaways:

  • If you want to function, do something great, change the world, you should take care of yourself first.

  • Diet doesn’t work when it is not ingrained in your lifestyle.

  • Even though vanity has a negative connotation, it is synonymous with self-admiration and self-love

  • In the spectrum of frequencies, rose is the highest.

  • You can practice self-care even when you are on a budget. There are affordable bath salts and essential oils. Raw crystals can be as cheap as $5.

  • When choosing crystals, go with your feeling and not logic. Pick the one that resonates

  • Watches work with the help of quartz crystals.

  • Self-care can range from taking your make-up off, treating yourself with good food, to the application of ancient wisdom into your daily routine.

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