SenMo | Sensuality, Dance andMeditation

Recorded during the love month of February, this episode expands the expression of self-love into the physical and passionate realms through dance, movement, and sensuality.

Kat and Krista have a fun talk with SenMo founder, Ellie Aaron, about her own journey and SenMo’s connection to self-care. Ellie developed a love for dance and movement since her childhood and delved into ballet, tap dance, and jazz. She got fond of musical theater and majored in it college. Her religious experience, however, restricted her self-expression until she discovered yoga and meditation.

Ellie further imparts the struggles she faced in her journey to fully expressing her true self. Struggles that are similar to what women have been experiencing across different generations, backgrounds, sizes and shapes. Women are made to believe that their expression is for the gaze and pleasure of someone else. But, through yoga and meditation, she was able to shake off the false ideas and achieved mindfulness, holistic health, and self-love.

Through SenMo, Ellie built a creative process connecting dance, yoga, meditation, and community. It is a fun, safe, and supportive space where others can start turning their lives around and become truly authentic, expressive, and self-loving. As the women behind Self-Care Tuesdays always say, and as Ellie echoes, we are all on this journey together. Claiming your sensuality and taking the gaze back inwards may be scary and intimidating because of persisting societal expectations. But you can fall in love with the body that you have.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The relationship between self-expression, self-worth, and self-love

  • How religion affects our beliefs especially with regard to our self and body image

  • The disconnect between what is true for ourselves and what is true for others and the power of manifesting your authentic self

  • Misconceptions about sensuality and its true definition

  • Real-life stories of body love from women in the SenMo community

  • The importance of connecting with your body and being present in becoming the woman you truly want to be

Big Takeaways:

  • Religions, with their patriarchal ideologies, have the tendency to censor women.

  • Conducting and expressing yourself for another person is living a life half-lived.

  • Women keep comparing themselves with one another. But the true enemy is the fallacious societal beliefs. We need a new society with new values.

  • Anxiety is just energy. You can channel it into something positive and productive.

  • Self-care is a holistic practice. It should be practiced in your body, emotions, thoughts, health, finances, and relationships.

  • Sensuality is a relational experience but it starts with your own body.

  • Moving your body is not just for the sense of joy and pleasure. Your body can also express anger and sadness through movement, so you don’t have to suppress your negative emotions.

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