Self-Care with Peggy Cafferty

What’s your favorite film or TV show? Why is it that memorable? Do you remember vividly the scene that touched you the most? Join Kat, Krista, and Gina in this episode of Self-Care Tuesdays and see how they have been moved by movie and TV shows just like you.

This episode features Peggy Cafferty, a Film, TV and Theater actress and producer. She served as the campaign producer for “India’s Daughter” that opened the conversations around rape culture. With her love for storytelling and passion for ending violence against women and moving towards gender equality, she launches films with stories that engage the human spirit, educate, enlighten and inspire.

Peggy shares how the Wizard of Oz made her believe that she has all the gifts inside of you. She tells her love for Nora Ephron and her empowered female leads like “When Harry Met Sally” and James Corden and his hilarious “Carpool Karaoke.” She also recalls her emotional experience with her kids and “Selma,” and how “The Big Sick” and “The Big Fat Greek Wedding” resonated with her. She also mentions eye-opening films “Heal,” “Amal,” “Chef’s Table” and “Slumdog Millionaire.”

The hosts chime in with the respective films that heavily influenced their lives. They enumerate their favorite tear-jerker yet empowering films. They echo how healing comes after pain and crying. On a brighter note, they also share their go-to movies for fun and enjoyment like food and cooking shows and Marvel films.

Aside from storytelling that is a form of self-care in itself for Peggy, she describes her morning journaling and all-day tea rituals. She also practices yoga, nourishes her relationships, and is now going back to her roots – singing and acting. Like Peggy, you can find a great path for you, too, where you can self-care while bettering the world. As she declares, “If you listen deep enough, you’ll hear it.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Peggy Cafferty’s journey in storytelling and her influential documentary film “India’s Daughter”

  • The different forms of storytelling and how they serve as a form of self-care

  • Various films and TV shows – from comedy, romance, fantasy to documentaries – that are pivotal to the hosts’ and guest’s beliefs, lives, and self-care

  • How films, especially documentaries, ignited conversations and set off movements that positively impacted the world (i.e. #MeToo movement)

  • How different religion and cultures can be creatively depicted through movies and TV

  • Peggy Cafferty’s personal self-care tips and rituals

Big Takeaways:

  • Every form of storytelling has the potential to enlighten, educate, and entertain.

  • Documentaries preserve history and tell stories from a place of empathy.

  • It’s hard to separate art and politics. All good art is political.

  • There is a common thread in all religions – the universal higher power is us in light and love.

  • Film and television can raise awareness, give inspiration, teach about different cultures, spark conversations, bring forth change, and provide healing.

  • Food is a common language across cultures.

  • Someone else’s pain is not lesser or greater than yours. Pain is pain.

  • There are self-care rituals that connect you to nature like tea ceremonies.

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