Self-Care with Flip Box Owner Karla Salinari

Children are a blessing, yet motherhood is a gift in itself. With the ability to bring life into the world and nurture it, moms have already accomplished something great. For Karla Salinari, though, motherhood is just the beginning.

A devoted new mom and wife, Karla decided to turn her life around for her daughter, Carolina, and their family. Living a healthy lifestyle takes more than eating fruits and vegetables, though. It means scrutinizing each and everything you put inside your body and on it. In her search for natural, healthier, and kid-friendly alternatives, she found herself creating FlipBox and sharing her knowledge with other moms and women.

From some samples of alternative kitchen staples to brands and stores offering them, Karla shares how to make your meals not just healthier but tastier as well. Confessing having no clue in the kitchen prior to having her own family, Karla puts together recipes that are quick and simple to make – ideal for busy moms and women-on-the-go.

Determined to have a holistically healthy lifestyle, FlipBox is now expanding to natural and safe beauty and home products. Karla tells the brands she is using for her daughter, herself, and those she finds beneficial to all everyone.

With Gina and Kat interjecting their own experience with food alternatives, essential oils, and Ayurveda, this episode proves that what you need is all in nature. Karla echoes that everything is out there and you just have to educate yourself. Hence, her active sharing of her recipes and passionate effort to build a community of women helping one another to be healthier and better. As she says, “If I can do it, then anybody can do it.”

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How Karla Salinari’s entry to motherhood set off her journey to healthier living and creating FlipBox

  • What “Flip” means and how Karla make the recipes

  • Various healthier alternatives to cooking and baking ingredients like sugar, flour, oil, milk, and starch and where to find them

  • Fruits and vegetables that are in season and some simple recipes

  • Brands and stores providing all-natural beauty, home, and kid products

  • Karla’s personal self-care tips/techniques

Big Takeaways:

  • Don’t be intimidated by the kitchen. Karla Salinari didn’t have any background in cooking before starting FlipBox.

  • Flip your brown sugar and artificial sweeteners. Some healthier alternatives to refined sugar are coconut palm sugar, date syrup, and monk fruit.

  • Less gluten in your diet will make you feel lighter and sleep better.

  • Healthier alternatives should also have a good visual quality to be effective.

  • Boil broccoli rabe and tap its roots to remove the bitterness.

  • Dirty Dozen is a list of fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides. Strawberry is on top of it. Ensure to find organic suppliers of these.

  • Food is not just a form of self-care, it creates traditions and provides a good bonding experience.

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