Self-Care Through The Autumn Equinox Pt. 2 - Astrology

Knowing what to come is one of the most pro-active ways to self-care. This also requires us to think and prepare on how we can dwell with the situations in the future. In this podcast, Krista and Kathryn consulted a very well-known Astrologer, Vikki Anderson, to give insights on one of the facets of the spiritual and the metaphysical – Astrology – and how it can be used as an effective perspective to self-care.

“Everybody is spiritual. Work with all of the modalities within self to maintain the balance”.

This quote from the Professional Astrologer and Certified Metaphysician, Vikki Anderson, clearly shows the relationship and the role of the spiritual self to the actualization of self-care. The modalities refer to the personal practices that we need to follow in order to achieve balance and order within ourselves.

In this podcast, Astrology is described as a means of knowing what is yet to come, and choosing from the options and possibilities the universe may lay out to you. The sole responsibility and accountability of an individual in this course lies on how he/she will respond to the options and the situation.

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

  • The idea of Astrology as a tool for the actualization of balance and self-care

  • The connection of things and the relationships it manifest

  • The proper way to perceive the practice

Key Takeaways:

  • Astrology is a journey and life is like a river. We are flowing along the current of the water. Do you stop at the bank? Do you get out of the river? Are you on a raft? Are you on a boat? Go in the car or train or train instead? At the end of each day, you’ll still arrive to your destination. The crucial factor is how you managed to reach the goal. You can use the knowledge from Astrology so that you can get into the destination with positivity and full control of the situation.

  • It’s helpful if you believe the practice. It is important to not block the energy that attracts a specific outcome. When you start questioning yourself – should I do this? shouldn’t I? maybe yes? maybe not -, negative forces may hinder you in achieving your goal. Calm down and do what you think is the best action you can use to respond – not forgetting that there is always free will.

  • In Astrology, you can tell when things are over, when things will get better, when things may fall apart. This means that we have the motivation and inspiration in moving to better opportunities and chances.

  • Do not merely bothered by the future. Deal things as they happen. Do what makes you happy. Everybody has a problem; move on.

  • It is always hard to achieve balance and the optimal self because we are humans. Vikki points out that her self-regimen in achieving balance includes the role of meditation, finding reasons for things, proper reaction to things, and creating a conducive atmosphere depending on your personality.