Self-Care Through The Autumn Equinox Pt. 1 - Awareness

Season 2 Episode 1 is up! It's all about the Autumn Equinox, leaves falling & letting go.

More than being logical and critical in solving a particular crisis on a daily and periodical basis, the speaker, Krista, highlighted in the new season and episode of Self-Care Tuesday that there is value in the sub-conscious and the spiritual aspect of life that people need to maximize in order to ensure the best self-care.

“Self-awareness is the best self-care that we can give to ourselves.”

This realization from the host directly describes that by being self-aware of how your body can and may work, you can ensure a best self-care. In this podcast, a particular course in nature – the fall equinox - is described as an aspect people should be aware of due to the effects that it brings in the human life.

In an easy scientific explanation, an equinox shows a start/end of a particular astronomical season. In connection to this, in astrological and spiritual standpoint, the equinox relates the season transition to the changes in the human behaviour and emotions.

In this episode, you’ll learn the following:

  • The concept of equinox being linked to the human shift of behaviour and emotions

  • The importance of adapting and understanding the course of nature

  • How can understanding nature be an effective self-awareness and further to self-care

Key Takeaways:

  • During times that you can’t seem to find logical answers, it’s high time to “shut the logical aspect and trust (the sub-conscious and spiritual side)”. This heals the problem through a deeper cure because the traditional logical problem solving can’t seem to take effect.

  • Life is a cycle: phases of life can be reiterated. This shows a particular meaning for the cycle and transitions in nature that people take and ride on in their lives (e.g. Spring- planting seeds and goals, summer-harvesting, fall-assessing and letting go, winter-hibernation).

  • Are you going to openly embrace the changes or are you going to mourn about it? Fall Equinox may be related to change or end in relationships between friends, loved ones, or family members. The way you let go of things, people, and even relationship depends on your motivation and your coping mechanism. The concepts of changes and letting go are not exclusive to negative and adverse effects. Your actions and coping mechanisms predetermine the doorway in your future.

  • You should be aware of your growth. Another cycle and transition means another change, another knowledge, and another commitment to self-development. You should be accountable to your own actions and be ready to assess such actions that you made in the past transitions as a new transition takes over.

Self-awareness is the key. Knowing that there is a particular tendency and connection between people and nature does not necessarily dictate you to follow the spiritual rules. An understanding of man-nature relationship can serve as a perspective when logic and critical reasoning do not seem to work. Again, being self-aware is the best form of self-care.