Self-Care Post Quarantine

In this episode Gina, Krista, and Kat are back on for their 3rd season after a hiatus filled with personal and communal purposes towards betterment. All three explore the new world they have to traverse into with Covid 19 Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and being in a multi ethnic marriage as well as parenting interracial children in the charged societal times of today. Most importantly, navigating it all by first, focusing on themselves and their personal journey to eventually impact the world outside of themselves. Questions such as what does “Spirituality” mean to you? What are you most aware of in the times of today? How do we maintain being present through 2020? And more are explored in this funny and compelling episode.

Kat shares how she practiced what she preached in the first two seasons and continued to unfold on her journey as mother, coach, creative, and activist. The fire and motivation to continue to spread love and awareness is the driving force and foundation of her being.

“Not being reactive. Coming from an empowering state, I felt like when everything happens, everyone went into panic mode and rightfully so. And everyone felt this big surge to do something, create something, do something, which is beautiful, but for me I needed to slow down. I needed to get myself together, grounded spiritually so I could do what I need to do for longevity for me. I didn't want it to be a temporary thing. I had to really just own my voice and I'm grateful that we have this because we can talk about it.” Kat Serrano

Gina shares her ethereal journey of becoming a mother for the first time to her beautiful son Jordan as well as juggling to continue her passion as a boss lady of her company and satisfying client relationships throughout her unfolding.

“I finally joined the hood, the motherhood. Man, you guys, it's so crazy. It's been quite a journey from pregnancy to delivery and the whole COVID thing. And then, I mean, now looking back, I feel really blessed because thank god nobody really close to us was affected, but at the same time, we got to enjoy all the little baby steps with our newborn. I kind of felt like the whole world went on maternity leave with me.” Gina Doost

Krista shares her journey on birthing a different kind of baby and that is her first book, Indestructible: The Hidden Gifts of Trauma as well as insights as someone who lives in both worlds as a spiritual medium and entrepreneur in the very sensible world of the material realm called life. Even throwing in a mix of astrological news in the mix.

“Spirituality is this beautiful connection to unlimited self and of course, I'm biased because of the fact that I live in a world of spirit as a medium and so, I'm always like okay, which guide or which soul life am I going to tap into to finish this book or to finish this chapter? Which guide do I tap into to connect to my daughter more in response to what is currently happening in her life? And blending both the essence of the human self obviously with this idea, with this understanding that I am beyond the current situation. I am beyond the current state, and that no matter what if we use spirit, if we use that acknowledgement and that knowledge of the undeniable power, then we're superhuman. You're supernatural in all sense.” Krista Nerestant

The first episode of this season re-introduces, re-acquaints, and reveals the many layers of the powerful woman perspective through the voices of these 3 formidable ladies. Never losing sight of the big picture while keeping the assertiveness to practice a self-care regimen to impact not only in a personal level but to expand to the immediate vicinity and global community. Happy listening and have a transformative selfcare tuesday!

“Awareness in all three of us, we are all with inter-racial marriages and all our children are mixed children. So we wanted to dedicate a couple...especially with the narrative of society today, we wanted to really express our perspective as mothers of mixed children. And the inter-racial progress in inter-ethnic marriages and families. So that's going to be a's going to be a very interesting season.”