NALU | Join the Wave and Self-Care

“The highest form of self-care is building a life that you don’t need a vacation from.”

Kat came across this quote and, as synchronicity dictates, it perfectly fits today’s guest.

In this episode of Self-Care Tuesdays, Dali Schonfelder shares amazing experiences in her young life that led to her creation of the NALU clothing line with her brother, Finn.

At the age of 11, Dali’s parents pulled her and Finn out of school to travel the world. For the first time in her life, she left Holland and, among the countries she’s been to, found her second home in India. From then on, she visited India every year. But at the age of 13, she learned a sad truth – her friends are no longer going to school, not being able to buy school uniforms.

Finding it crazy that a $10 uniform – something simple and ordinary in her world – to be changing the lives of her friends forever, Dali decided to do something. So, she began designing and selling T-shirts to pay for their uniforms. From 4 shirts in 4 months, the shirts’ sales started picking up and, before they knew it, they’re already distributing their first batch of uniforms. And seeing Priti, NALU’s first recipient, and how she glowed wearing the uniform, solidified Dali’s belief in NALU.

Yet, it’s just the start for Dali. She’s keeping it going with the conception of NALU Academy and the launch of their Orange line. While Gina associates Dali’s confidence and empowerment with orange, Krista affirms that orange is a grounding color in the philosophy of Yoga and Shukra. Another thing is also certain, despite her busy life, Dali knows how to self-care. Taking advantage of a time when she’s not working on NALU or school, she honors and sticks to her morning ritual.

She may have discovered her passion and created an impact at such a young age, yet Dali believes that age shouldn’t constrain you in doing what you want and living your dream life. Not even the sky is the limit. And this podcast loves repeating, you are not alone in the journey. If you need skills, check out the NALU Academy. If you need support, tune in here and connect with the ladies of Self-Care Tuesdays.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Dali Schonfelder’s incredible year traveling outside her home country, Holland, and how it changed her perspective and propelled her to create NALU

  • Various cultural and socio-economic conditions that significantly impact the youth and how the youth consequently contribute to a stronger economy and society

  • The meaning behind the clothing line’s name, NALU, and how it serves as Dali and the social enterprise’s mission

  • How passion, manifesting your dream life, changing the world, and self-care transcend age

  • More projects from Dali and NALU that are not just helping underprivileged children but also inspiring and empowering both young and old

  • The different ways you can be a part of the ripple effect brought about by NALU

Big Takeaways:

  • In India, the government stops providing uniforms to students after they reach the age of 12, forcing them to drop out. Boys then resort to working for factories while girls stay at home and wait for marriage.

  • Education can break the cycle of poverty.

  • Dressing is much more than style. Finding the clothes that make you feel good about yourself is such an important part of living the life that you love, because how you feel impacts every single thing you do. NALU clothing takes this one step further as every single time you use a NALU product, you know that children are staying in school because of you.

  • Three years after distributing their first batch of uniforms, enrollment in the local villages doubled, grades increased, and teenage pregnancies went down.

  • You don’t have to finish high school or finish college to be part of society. Young people have a say in the world.

  • Stop waiting for your life to happen because nothing’s going to come to you unless you find your passions and start living the life you love.

  • The motivation behind your passion is, most of the time, bigger than you.

  • Nothing should exhaust you. The only reason you’re tired is either you are not passionate enough with what you’re doing or you’re not taking care of yourself enough. Your energy stays up when you’re doing the right things.

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