Catch Up with Kat, Krista & Gina

Gina, Kat, and Krista are back from the summer whirlwind of their individual career activities. Though this session is supposed to be a simple catch-up episode, expect no less than life lessons and self-care inspirations from these ladies.

Kat starts off with some stories from her travel to LA with her boys, the Trndsttrs. The fun and performance-packed trip served as a reality check for this momager. Not mentally prepared for the entire ruckus, Kat admits to missing self-care yet shares an amazing hack – clear your room to clear your head.

Gina interjects how writing down her roles can help Kat prioritize which needs Kat-power and which ones she can delegate to somebody else. She then shares how her campaign with Headspace changed her reactive behavior. A few minutes of Headspace exercises provide her time to process. So, no matter how busy she gets, if she has time to pee, she has time for Headspace.

As always, Krista explains how the seemingly incomprehensible recent events are linked to the full moon among other celestial movements. It is indeed the time for emotional growth. Krista also tells how her being surrounded with kids is nurturing her inner child, and how such source of energy is needed by the world today. A conversation which led to a discussion on the troubling news about a former Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

As much as the hosts acknowledge that betrayal and corruption are also exhibited in organizations where you least expect them, they assert that you have the ability to do good in their midst. It is all the more imperative that you unearth your elite self and use your platform for the goodness you know you can create.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Real-life examples of growing pains and emotional expansion

  • Why high-functioning individuals – leaders, decision makers, CEOs, entrepreneurs – are seeking to connect to and accept their emotional and spiritual bodies

  • The benefits of self-awareness and the role self-care plays in improving it

  • The power of intuition and some steps to clear your head to set your priorities straight

  • The difference between surviving and thriving, and how to have a healthier view on setting boundaries or cutting ties with people

  • The pitfalls of non-profit organizations and the importance of helping in your own little way

Big Takeaways:

  • De-cluttering is also a form of self-care. Clearing your physical surrounding can clear your head.

  • You can be anything, just not everything. Prioritize where your strengths are needed the most and know when to delegate the rest.

  • There’s always time for self-care. There are 3-minute meditation and focusing exercises that you can insert into your busy schedule.

  • Consistent meditation and self-care will help you raise your self-awareness and be more in tune with your intuition.

  • Life is like a video game. Challenges don’t stop, you just keep leveling up.

  • If you don’t trust the voice inside of your head, you are lying to yourself. The little lies you say to yourself that you don’t think are affecting you actually do.

  • Having fun and playing like little kids can also serve as self-care. Let yourself feel joy and love instantaneously. Balance your energy by making your inner child happy.

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