About Your Hosts

"Self-Care Tuesdays is a podcast about three women with different lifestyles raising awareness on the importance of self-care to reach one's highest potential."




Kathryn Serrano is a New York City-based life coach and founder of TheKatosphere.com, a motivational platform that strives to inspire people to reignite their core and fulfill their highest purpose, both personally and professionally.


Being an entrepreneur requires more than passion, persistence, and perseverance, it demands self-discipline which comes naturally to ​Kat​ as a wife and mother of three children. Over the years, through trial and error, she has redefined the meaning of work-life balance, from multitasking, problem-solving, and carving out moments to reset and zone in on creative pursuits. She has managed to maintain the kind of lifestyle that gives her the time and energy to focus on what is most important, while embracing the beauty of unpredictability.

As a life coach, Kat believes in the power of introspection, "Sometimes to get the right answer, you need to be asked the right question," and in this day and age of social media and spectatorship, it is more important than ever to first look within in order to make a positive change around us, "Have you been asked the right question?"

Krista Nerestant is a successful entrepreneur (owner of Self-ish Lifestyle Therapy

and Salon Crimson), certified Neuro Linguistic Program Coach, Psychic/Medium

and Qi Healer Therapist, a mother to a  miracle baby (doctors only gave me  a 7%

chance of getting pregnant), a wife to a supportive and loving husband, and most

importantly, an EMPOWERED woman.

In addition, she is an advocate for Save of Essex (a center dedicated to sexual

assault survivors), aMotivational Speaker and member of Latina Surge, MFONJ,

Writers Circle and MWG.

She is currently writing a book set for publication early 2018 called Survival

Mode - my stories of child abuse and traumas and how I healed by tapping into

the sixth senses.

Acclaimed by Vanity Fair as a top creative influencer, Gina Doost is impacting the world. Focusing on lifestyle content including travel, style, and culture that inspires. She engages insiders and adds value to the behavior of today’s movers and shakers. She has grown her namesake syndication WhatTheDoost.com with many writers and followers which she considers ‘Doosts’.

She also has a degree in Journalism and has worked for companies like CBS, The Daily Meal, and Penguin Random House.